Security software is any software that provides security for computers and networks against computer viruses. If a virus infiltrated a computer, it may delete files, prevent you from accessing your files, it might send spam e-mail to your contacts, access your personal files and use it, and perform other malicious actions. Therefore, it is important to install security software on your gadgets. There are several types of this software that includes antivirus, encryption software, firewall, and antispyware. Some of the operating system has preloaded security software and tools when you buy a new personal computer or laptop. If there is no security software, you can purchase it or download it online for free.

The most common types of security software installed are antivirus and antispyware. But there are other types that you can additionally install to have more solid security for your computer.
Antivirus: is a program that identifies and removes a particular type of malware called ‘virus’, which has different types like worm, rootkits, spyware, Trojan horses, spyware, keyloggers, ransomware and adware.
Antispyware: it monitors incoming data from your e-mail, the websites that you visit, the files that you download and stop spyware programs from breaching your computer’s operating system. Developers keep their software up-to-date in order to block recent spyware programs.
Firewall: creates a barrier between the internet and your computer. It checks information coming from the internet or a network that screens out hackers, viruses and worms, and then it either blocks or allows it to pass through to your computer. It also helps you to stop your computer from sending malicious software and content to other computers.
Encryption software: is an essential part of computer communications and file protection. This software uses an encryption scheme that encodes computer data, such as personal information and confidential files, so that it cannot be recovered without the correct key. With this encryption method, it prevents third parties from recovering the original data or any information about it. This encryption software is commonly used in online banks and other websites that inquires personal information from their users.

In this generation, everyone is using gadgets like cellphones and laptops. Everyone has their own facebook accounts and other social media account. Some used their phones and laptops in storing their entire log in details which is very dangerous. Because those log in details will give access to anything that is holding your gadget or a virus might be sent to you to access your log in details. If you need want to know more about software security, you can try these steps:

  • research online
  • download some anti-virus that will give you alert if any suspicious mails was sent to you
  • or you can visit